Tutor Management System at BUSM

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The Tutor Program at BUSM offers tutoring free-of-charge to students during the first and second year of medical school.

Within each course, Course Directors hire very knowledgeable students to serve as Tutors, and one Tutor in each course will serve as a Tutor Coordinator. Together with the Course Director, each Tutor Coordinator oversees the Tutors and monitors student progress. The Tutor Coordinators also facilitate the scheduling of individual tutoring sessions, and serve as the point of contact for payroll in the OSA.

The Tutor Program at BUSM is coordinated and funded through the Office of Student Affairs. For further information, please contact Dean Paige Curran (pkcurran@bu.edu) in the OSA.

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Course Directors are now hiring Tutors and Tutor Coordinators. To submit your application, please click the “Apply to be a Tutor” link on the left.
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